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Description: On this web-page you can find a collection of PowerPoint slide compilations, organised under the topic headings listed. Each slide focuses on a relevant research article or report and includes its title, abstract, reference and availability either through SDU’s library, Google Scholar or alternative online access and where available, Google Scholar Citations. We chose the listed topics because of their direct application to teaching, learning and researching in Higher Education. We made the final selection according to which research studies and reports we found to be particularly thought provoking, we have included studies where they found and did not find evidence of bias. In some compilations, we have included legacy and recent research articles to show comparisons of findings and the development of research approaches. Experts in the field may not regard our selections as the most significant research findings on these topics; we welcome suggestions for additional topics and references. Nevertheless, the compilations provide insights into aspects of research into unconscious bias.

Application: Each compilation includes up to six research or report references and some include critiques and alternative findings. The rationale for these compilations is to signpost relevant and thought-provoking research and reports, especially for teachers and students who are not experts in these topic areas.

We suggest the following applications of the Powerpoint slide compilations:
- to share with students as stimuli for class discussions and reflections on the topic areas;
- to consider when planning courses and assessment and when developing new programmes of study;
- to reflect on with regard to our interactions with students and colleagues;
- to consider in our research groups and when peer reviewing articles and grant applications;
- to be aware of when interviewing students and colleagues.

We would be very interested to hear how you use the compilations - please, email Donna.


Topic Headings – Research on Bias and its Impact on 

Academic Peer Review - this compilation includes references to early studies on bias and academic peer review, the Swedish Research Council’s responses to the exposure of bias in reviews of research applications and recent studies on peer review and bias in the context of science and pharmacology.

Academic Grants and Funding Applications- this compilation includes references to two studies both of which identify gender bias as a factor affecting academic grants and funding applications.

Impact on Assessment of Learning - this compilation includes references to a range of studies with contradictory findings about anonymous marking.

Implicit Bias Tests - this compilation includes references to studies which explore the impact of using implicit bias testing as an educational tool and a meta-review of a selection of studies on implicit bias and its implications for managers.

Intersectionality and Gender- this compilation includes references to studies which explore the interconnectedness of gender and race bias and the implications of this intersectionality.

Novelty - this compilation includes references to studies which range from diversity in groups to the limitations of scientific research which does not report sex as a biological variable and effects of rejecting novel, creative ideas.

Staff Recruitment - this compilation includes references to the seminal orchestra recruitment study (Goldin and Rouse, 1997) and others which look at the influence of expectations and bias during the recruitment process.

Stereotype Threat - this compilation includes references to the challenges presented by stereotypes and how we can unconsciously conform to them and apply them in our own behaviour.

Student Evaluations of Courses - this compilation includes references to studies which reveal how students’ evaluations of their courses are influenced primarily by their gender biases and also the role of timing in the course evaluation process which can lead to differences in evaluation outcomes.

Teaching and Learning - this compilation includes references to the impact of bias in a range of subject disciplines and across different educational levels and how gender conscious pedagogy can contribute to social justice.