Every month, SDU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning publishes a newsletter with updates and suggestions on university teaching, learning or assessment.

April 2020 – Online Oral Exam Guidance

April 2020’s newsletter reviews the pilotedOral Exam Checklist for Bias Aware Assessment – 15 check-ins’ with a slideshare offering guidance on preparing for and managing online oral exams at four check-in points: 1. During the Course 2. Preparing for the Oral Exam 3. During the Oral Exam 4. Deciding on the Oral Exam outcome, grade, feedback and feed-forward.

February 2022 - Including all students

In February's newsletter you can read about ways to plan and teach so all students are included. The newsletter includes links to resources at SDU such as the specialist support available from Student Services; an introduction to Universal Design for Learning, guidance on assistive technology and links to videos by Ivan Newman a specialist study skills tutor at a UK university and how checklists can support inclusive course planning and content.